Power of Attorney

For the authentication of an Omani Power of Attorney the following documents needs to be submitted to the Hon. Consulate General of the Sultanate of Oman in Istanbul.

  • A letter which includes all details and states all legal requirements, the letter should also include the passport numbers of the people concerned and must be signed.
  • The letter needs to be authenticated by a public notary and authenticated with Apostille by the Governor’s Office of Istanbul (Istanbul Valiliği).
  • Payment methods: Cash, in USD, payable to the Hon. Consulate of the Sultanate of Oman in Istanbul.

The following documents needs an “Apostille” cerification:

All commercial & civil legalisations (except Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Packing list, Health Certificate of the exported foods) such as Power of Attorney, Commercial Contracts, Agreements, Signature Circular, Tax registration certificates, Diplomas/Education Certificates, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Book Certificates, Divorce certificates, Medical Health Certificates any other Certificates which are issued in Turkish Language .

APOSTILLE (Certification) 

An Apostille is a certificate confirming that, a signature or a seal on a certificate is genuine. The process of obtaining an Apostille is called Legalisation. Legalisation is usually required by Omani authorities before they will allow a Turkish document to be used for official purposes in the Sultanate of Oman.

To obtain an authentication;

Step 1)

You must have your document translated into English by a sworn translator and notarized by the Turkish notary before taking them for Apostille certification. 


You may go to the Governor’s office and receive an Apostille certificate.

Address of the Governor’s office: 

Istanbul Valiligi
Valilik Hukuk Isleri Bolumu
Ankara Caddesi Cagaloglu, Istanbul
Telephone: (0212) 522-9789

Step 3)

Please bring the certified Documents to the Consulate of Oman in Istanbul for the final ”Consulate Legalisation”.